an interview attire guide assuming that you are not a dummy

After writing a lot of job applications and throwing in a lot of resumes, the hard work finally does pay off and sooner or later you do get a call for an interview. It is apparent that there was definitely something in your resume that made them think of you ‘possibly’ the right person for the job. And that is where the going gets tough. Congratulations, as you have now entered the most anxious phase of your life as you’re smallest decision can make the biggest impact. And that smallest decision can be the pattern on the tie you are going to wear.
The appearance does make a big impact and it definitely leaves an impression. Well, in case of interviews, the impression is not that much long lasting, but at least it lets the interviewers not reject you the instance you enter the room.
You will find a lot of related stuff on the internet, most of them suggesting you to be conservative. An applicant qualified enough to be called for an interview would obviously never show up in casual rags or too much revealing clothes. Well, at least now you know you shouldn’t. Yet, contrary to what most would say, an extremely conservative formal wear is not the right answer for everyone. Yes, it might be the best option in most cases but today when there is a plethora of unconventional jobs around, the attire must be a little different than the conventional.
The key is to dress appropriate, appropriate for your age, appropriate for the kind of environment an organization has and finally appropriate for your own personality. Trying to be someone else literally kills the personality. For a job that requires young and fresh creative minds, there’s no way someone can get the position dressed like a mid-aged business lawyer.
Off course, there are few general tips that can help in all the situations. These include no or minimal skin showing, neat clean hairdos, no over accessorizing, too much colorful can be a little awful. For guys, don’t get too lose and hanging down your waist, Girls, never too tight to breath. The shoes must always go with the dress. It’s good that people notice them but it shouldn’t be because of the noise they make when you walk.
And finally, the best thing you can wear is a smile, and the confidence of knowing that you can win what you are here for.